"(Take a ) look at me"Theatre Workshop 

Being looked at is a fundamental condition of humanity. We grow and mature under the eyes of others. This workshop is shaped equally for professional performers and spectators. It offers a practical approach to the phenomena of being present. 

Participants are invited to follow and share their curiosity in awareness, movement and growth. During the workshop we will create ways of giving respectful and sensitive attention to ourselves and to others and learn to receive this potent gift in a joyful way. We will apply some principles of Focusing and of the Feldenkrais Method to investigate what it means to embody presence and allow others to realize this presence. We will widen the range of self-perception and deepen our understanding of the importance of the self image in each performance we give. And we will move a lot! 

Actress, Performer, Movement/Improvisation Coach, Feldenkrais Teacher. 

Her artistic work is based on movement and improvisation, also using voice and language. She trained herself in martial arts and dance, finally developing her own style of training, improvisation and creating. Her artistic root is the Carpa Theater/ Vienna, which provided continuous training and research and performances. She has been collaborating with several companies and directors in Austria and Mexico, also doing her own performances. She is giving workshops about improvisation in the process of artistic creation integrating as well her experience with the Feldenkrais Method.